You have to start somewhere.

I always start each morning with putting on my socks, it’s a good a place as any. I have promised myself for many years that I would try and start a blog. I’m about to turn 41 in a few days and seeing as our family have many challenges this year, I thought that today was a good place to start.

So here I am ready to bare all. 2019 began with trepidation. Austin (11) our eldest has leukemia and 2018 was the toughest year of his life so far. Yesterday started his 4th block of chemotherepy and we are all a little down. We are fearful for the unknown and nervous for known. Watching your child go through cancer is unbearable at times, the world keeps moving and you just have to put your big girl pants on and guide your child through it as best you can. Along with squaring up to Austin’s cancer I need to be mum to Ingrid (9) and Bruce (5). The past 7 months from Austin’s diagnoses has been one of the toughest mum points of my life. I find it hard to be separated from the kids and forced separation due to hospital admissions is super tough on the whole family. Finding ways to give each child attention and the love they need is like juggling with chainsaws, if you over stretch its going to get messy.

Rothwell’s don’t like to do things easily so we also decided this year that we couldn’t keep the blinkers on any longer. We couldn’t keep thinking that because we recycled we are doing enough. We have decided as a family to begin the transition to zero waste, greener living, simple living, what ever the new buzz words are. A more considered life is what we think. A less processed life and a more thoughtful life. With house full of every gadget going and enough belongings to fill 2 homes this will be a huge lifestyle change albeit a interesting one.

‘To hell with poverty put another pea in the soup’, while balancing the plates of cancer treatment and lifestyle change, Kevin (my husband) and I are training for the Belfast marathon. At 5 ft and very over weight this is not going to be easy. If nothing else this challenge will most likely give us and you some comic relief.

This beginning is short, but like most people their first steps are few. I hope to share our journey through life with you and I hope that perhaps you will find it interesting.

3 thoughts on “You have to start somewhere.

  1. You may not know it but you are my inspiration, I love how you think and the outlook you have and the way u hold yourself, I know behind the closed doors you must have your moments of extreme pain but you are so positive, I must admit I’m negative about life and try to change my mind to have a more positive outlook , I think that’s why I’m intrigued by you and inspire to be more like you.. I can’t wait to read more and see how you get on with this new lifestyle change, it’s exciting to see what changes will be made, I like the idea of being greener to save our planet and my family are taking steps, maybe baby steps but it’s still forward. Austin’You have my ❤️


  2. All journeys start with that one first step, the tricky part is too keep moving forward, never ever beat yourself up if you falter, you’ll find your way, love to you all, Go Team Austin!xxxx


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