The Good Life.

Today we rolled up our sleeves, pulled up our socks and built a shed in the kitchen.

This year we decided as a family that we wanted to try and grow our own vegetables. We have been really conscious of the waste we are producing and it’s really shocking the amount of unnecessary plastics and packaging that accompanies our food shop. Once we made the decision to become more environmentally aware and try our best to live a more considered life it was like a veil had been ripped from my eyes. I was truly shocked at the shear ridiculous packaging choices that companies were forcing into my home. I had allowed these companies to creep into my home and fill my black bin to overflow, my blue bin to busting and numerous trips to the tip for the excess. I was most disturbed that all my fruit and veg came in either a plastic bag, plastic wrap, plastic tray or sometimes all 3. Why on earth do I need my cucumber and broccoli shrink wrapped, my oranges nestled in a plastic tub encased in plastic netting? By the time I had carted home the shopping and got everything put away I would turn around and face the mountain of excess packaging that I had to deal with. Enough was enough, you’re not welcome anymore.

So, why not begin our transition to plastic free by growing our own veg? We got ourselves sorted and started growing. Granda (my dad) helped the kids plant seeds. We planted courgettes, cherry tomatoes, chilli peppers and beef tomatoes. Granda taught the kids that we needed to cultivate the seeds indoors in our little window ledge propagator. We won’t see any sprigs for at least 7 days. We are all waiting very patiently for signs of life. After planting our seeds we braced the howling wind to plant potatoes in our barrel tub. Yes, I know you green fingered peeps out there are cringing because we have planted them a month early but patience has never been our strong point so we just jumped in feet first and had a really fun day.

Talking of no patience, we also thought that every gardener needed a shed, obviously to hold all our bits and pieces seeing as we are now practically farmers. We decided on a no maintenance shed, I know I’ve been rabbiting on about horrible plastic but lets be honest, if used correctly, plastic is a fantastic material. It’s robust, doesn’t rot and is waterproof, it’s just a ridiculous material for single use items. Anyway, we bought a plastic shed and we hope to have it for a very, very long time.

It was seriously the windiest day when we tried to put the shed up so we had the great idea of building it in our kitchen. 4 days later and its still in the kitchen. We are even cooking and eating dinner around it as it has just been too windy to take it outside. We did worry for a bit that it wouldn’t fit through the patio doors. It did though, minus the roof.

After a few days of dancing around our shed and telling the kids that it was in fact our new office space/homework room we got it outside and the roof put on.

As our week comes to a close and our new tentative steps into horticulture begins, we reflect on life and how precious our time is here on earth. We depend so much on the things we take for granted. God provided us with a beautiful planet and we are on the brink of destroying it. We are the first generation to understand the impact we are having on this beautiful world and the last generation who can do something about it. We need to stamp out single use plastic and tell the big chain stores that we have had enough. Money talks so take your money to local growers and local business owners. support your local greengrocer, don’t become a Tesco zombie. Or, have a go at growning your own.

Have a good week, God Bless.